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The My Hairtie BraceletsTM have emerged in the US as the must have, hip and trending hairtie accessory for little girls to emerging tween and teen fashionistas to young women looking for a practical solution to their ‘hair up / hair back’ pony tail dilemmas.


These beautiful and versatile accessories bring function and fashion together to solve an age-old problem of holding your hairtie elastics on your wrist. Now, you can put those hairtie elastics into a cool, fun and affordable cuff bracelet. We are proud to be the first UK stockists of The My Hairtie BraceletsTM and the Hair Tie Bangles by Maria Shireen®


So now you can keep a hairtie handy without getting that annoying crease around your wrist, and if you use your hairtie - you are left with a gorgeous bracelet, these can even be worn on their own - check out the Glitter Collection.

As we discover new items, we will be adding them, so keep watching this space and thank you for visiting.